Result of the project

The main result of the PRODISK project is a digital Learning Environment aimed at VET teachers and students. The learning environment includes a course in e-learning format for the acquisition and evaluation of digital skills, and specific resources for the systematic practice of said digital skills with the purpose of certifying their acquisition.

You can access to the learning environment through this link.

You can download the operational Guide of the learning environment here.


The learning environment enables you to practice digital competences based on practical cases. The learning environment connects with the PRODISK e-learning course in a smart and interactive way, guiding you to complete the practical cases.

To access the e-learning course you must be logged in to the hosting platform. You can do this free of charge as it is an Open Educational Resource. You just need to register for free in the specific tab of the PRODISK webpage here.

The user’s guide for the e-learning course is available here.