The Asociation Spain

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Formación y Education Integral (FEI) was established on 10th October 1997, gathering a team of experts in administration and training coming from Training Centres. The foundational mission is the design, the planning and the implementation of initiatives in the fields of training, technological dissemination activities and participation in projects orieted to the education in the personal, professional and corporate fields.

Currently FEI is composed by an interdisciplinary team of experts in pedagogy, informatics and design, with more than 60 in-house employees.

In 2014, FEI established an authorised VET Centre, under the code: 28075595.

FEI is involved in a continuous improvemente process, for which it is certified in the highest Quality Standards.


More information about this and other European projects with FEI participation accessible here.

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The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid is a Public Law Corporation that represents, promotes and defends the general interests of all companies in Madrid and collaborates with the Public Administrations in the promotion of commerce, industry and services in the Community of Madrid.

In order to achieve these goals, the Chamber of Madrid offers a wide range of services for and by companies in Madrid, with the aim of favouring and supporting their growth, consolidation and expansion. They include internationalization, corporate development, innovation, certification, arbitration and training.


More information about the PRODISK project and access to the free course developed by the project available here.

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Ki-Works, Knowledge and Innovations Works began its activity in 2011 and since then we have maintained as our main value the customer orientation, getting involved in their projects, committing ourselves to their needs.
Within the activities we develop in the Education and Training sectors we can highlight the following:
Consultancy services, technical assistance and general advice on innovation, both in business models and in training management processes, both for public administrations and for companies, their associations and other public or private organisations.
Training services for professionals and companies.
Vocational training services for employment, aimed at both active and unemployed workers.
Services related to employment in the ICT sector: selection, management of internships in companies and recruitment.


More information about the PRODISK project available here.